Dubai Employment

Visa rules for expats vary according to your country of birth or residence but if you are a foreign national you can get permission to live and work in Dubai with your job offer. Your company will become your sponsor for the period of your employment. Employers in Dubai often look for native English and qualifications recognised by international educational bodies. Higher education in any English speaking countries like the USA, Ireland, the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand are considered valuable for medium to high ranking posts.

Recently Dubai and the other emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates have been running campaigns to get more UAE nationals employed by international companies. UAE nationals are being encouraged to work in the private sector and companies are being asked to fulfil quotas to meet the ambitions of the UAE government. Many UAE nationals have been employed by companies in public relations, enabling companies trading in Dubai to have a smooth relationship with government departments.

Normal working hours in Dubai can not exceed 8 hours per day or a maximum of 48 hours working in one week. The hours worked for jobs in industries like hotels, hospitality, shops and restaurants can be raised to nine hours daily. In the holy month of Ramadan all working hours are reduced by 2 hours each day. In UAE as an Islamic country the holy day of rest is Friday, the weekend is Thursday and Friday although this has been adapted by some companies to a five day week with the weekend being Friday and Saturday.

Employment in Dubai offers many advantages to expats. The relaxed tax regime, a great lifestyle and faster career progression are all important benefits that come with jobs in Dubai. While the lifestyle in Dubai is relaxed, UAE is a Muslim nation and it is important for western and other nationals to respect the cultural values and traditions that are associated with this rich cultural and religious heritage.

Living and working in Dubai is an amazing and often pleasurable experience that you will treasure forever. The experience that you can gain in Dubai in a few short years can provide a strong foundation to build an international career at home or as an expat abroad.

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