Recruitment in Dubai

As you would expect in a global growth economy, Dubai has a large and growing number of recruitment companies. Recruiters in Dubai often specialise in particular sectors while companies with a broader range of jobs will have individuals or teams of recruitment specialists within the organisation that have contacts, experience and a detailed knowledge of their business sector in Dubai and UAE.
Most recruitment companies who place candidates in jobs will be paid by the employer. The fee that the recruiter earns from the employer is usually based upon the salary of the successful job applicant. It is in the interest of the recruiter then to place the candidates with the highest earning potential. Some recruitment agents still charge a fee for registration although this is not legal in Dubai. Making charges to candidates however, is not always a measure of the quality of the recruiter. There are legitimate services that a recruitment company can provide for you and could make a charge for; these may include coaching, testing or CV development.

Recruitment representatives in Dubai are looking to place the candidates that they believe can earn the highest salary within their specialism. It is important to maximise your potential earning power by placing an emphasis on education, training and experience. Dubai companies are not generally looking for employees that need training; employers are looking for people with developed skills and solid experience that can benefit the company from day one.

In Dubai and UAE education and experience gained in western countries particularly in English speaking countries is generally considered to be of value. Employers will generally favour candidates educated in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Work experience in western countries and a western passport are also considered as positive attributes for many Dubai jobs and consequently favoured by recruitment agencies.

The government in Dubai has taken steps to control the way that recruitment agencies work in recent years. Agencies are no longer allowed to charge candidates to register with them, and they should not charge the candidates for visas. Some agencies that are based outside of Dubai and not subject to Dubai employment laws can legitimately charge for services.

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