Live in Dubai

You know you can find work in Dubai but what is it like to live in Dubai? Three people who live and work in Dubai reveal what the country has to offer.

26 year old Sarah Doran is Irish and has been living in Dubai for just over a year and a half.

Dubai’s nightlife is great she adds. “The night life here is cracking – there are loads of great bars and restaurants. You can wine and dine at 5 star hotels and actually afford it. There are so many young people over here also. There is a large Irish community and the Irish bars draw big crowds” But what is it like being a Western woman working in a Muslim country? While you need to be aware and respect other’s people’s beliefs, Sarah says it does not really affect her “in the slightest”. She reveals that she enjoys the Muslim celebration of Ramadan “For me it is a quiet time, everything calms down and it gives us a chance to recuperate after our busy year. I enjoyed this period last year. One just needs to respect the people who are fasting.”

She would not hesitate to recommend Dubai to somebody thinking of relocating. “While I don’t see myself staying here for a long time I think it is a great place for anyone to work and meet some other nice people”

Michael Campbell is a 26 year old journalist working in Dubai originally from New Zealand.

live in dubai

As a writer, Michael admits that Jobs in Dubai can be challenging at times, as a journalist living in a Muslim country has affected him “the fact that there is no freedom of speech can be frustrating” however on a personal level he says he is mainly oblivious to it “in my general life I hardly notice it. Obviously there are certain customs and laws to respect but Dubai is very liberal for a Muslim country” So would he recommend Dubai as somewhere to live and work? “Definitely, it’s exciting, exotic and new”

Matt Gamble is a fifty year old Australian who has been working as a financial regulator in Dubai for over two years.

“I love the lifestyle. I also find the work itself more interesting as firms are bigger than in Australia and there is more variety. In Dubai you can gain much more experience. Generally the issues are more interesting. It’s like a gold rush town, once you get used to the heat. We are spoilt in a lot of ways and the nightlife is great” His only regret is that he has not got around to learning Arabic just yet but he has used Dubai as a base to explore the Middle East. “Muscat, Musadam, Cairo, Adis Abba are all great cheap interesting places to visit and all nearby. I was recently in Beirut where the women are the prettiest I’ve ever seen!”

“As expats we are offered a way of life that only the truly privileged would normally experience. Our social lives revolve around 5 star hotels and some of the finest restaurants and bars on the planet. The fact that Dubai is fast becoming one of the world's holiday hot spots helps adds Michael. "Basically they’re trying to turn Dubai into the ultimate luxury travel destination and living here, you get the full benefits of that. Labour costs are relatively low so all households normally have staff including a maid, gardener, someone to look after the pool… Dubai will make you lazy! But it is nice as a temporary break from the realities of life outside of this city. In general, we are very well looked after and there’s nothing to complain about except the summer heat… which is ridiculous!”