Job Search Tips

Thanks to all your feedback we have introduced a variety of filtering options to help you refine your job search.

But don't worry! There have been no dramatic changes to our search functionality and as such you will be able to find relevant jobs on our site as before. We have just given you additional tools throughout your search so that you can find relevant jobs more quickly and efficiently.

To clearly outline these new features to you we will look at the following 3 sections.

Homepage search
Homepage Keyword search
Refinement Options


The homepage search is similar to before. Simply select your preferred recruiter type, the industry sector you want to work in and your preferred location.

Job search Box

Simply select your preferred recruiter type, the industry sector you want to work in and your preferred location.


Inserting a relevant key word(s) can help refine your search greatly. You should insert words or phrases that you would expect to see in the job title or job description. As you begin to type your keyword a prompt box will appear.

This prompt box lists relevant keywords, as taken from the job title and description. The more popular keywords will be positioned at the top of the list. It is up to you which keyword you wish to select.

It is also possible to create your own keyword and search for relevant jobs.

Job search Box

You will get more specific results if you insert keywords.


Once you have completed your search on the homepage you will be presented with a list of jobs relevant to your search.

From this list you can either

  • Click on the relevant job postings
  • Refine your search further by using the filtering options positioned on the left hand side

There are 7 refinement options.  

  1. Recruiter Type
    This allows you to search jobs posted by agency only or company only.
  2. Category
    Similar to the homepage a category should be selected based on the type of job(s) you are most interested in viewing. For example; if you are looking for a job as a HR Manager you should select the 'HR' category. If you are looking for a job as a Credit Controller, you should select the 'Accountancy & Finance' category etc.
  3. Locations
    Refine your search by the location you wish to work in.
  4. Employment Type
    This allows you to choose whether you are more interested in permanent work or contract work or temporary.
  5. Salary
    You can further refine your search by remuneration.
  6. Tags
    Tags are similar to roles. They are terms or labels that best describe the job on offer. Similar to the above filtering options, tags are listed in order of popularity. Therefore the higher the tag the more jobs assigned.

    For example, let say you carry out a simple search on the homepage selecting category only; ‘Marketing'. From the below listings we can see that the tag ‘Marketing Manger (74)' is positioned at the top of the list. This means that a total 74 jobs have been assigned the tag ‘Marketing Manager', making it the most popular tag in this search.

    Note : It is possible to view all tags relevant to your search by selecting More

  7. Refine by Keyword
    This search feature further refines your search. From the job listings presented to you, you can further refine your search by typing in relevant keywords.

    Refine by Keyword

Cancelling a refinement

It is possible to cancel any job refinement by selecting (undo) positioned under Results Refined By.
Undo a refienement


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